December 21, 2017

How we answer three questions can actually make or break the quality of our Christian life. The three questions are: How do I understand the Gospel? How do I understand Jesus? and How do I understand the Kingdom of God (KOG)? Now, I can tell you from experience that most self-identified Christians would answer those questions something like this: The Gospel is what you need to believe in order to go to Read More

December 12, 2017

If it hasn’t happened already, very soon someone will probably ask you, “Are you ready for Christmas?” Why? Because preparations are expected. It’s Christmastime – the most wonderful time of the year! Christmastime means we’re in the church season of Advent. Did you know Advent means “coming,”and that Advent and Communion have something in common? Both Advent and Communion Read More

December 5, 2017

“If I was the Devil, let me tell you what I’d do. I would try to DECEIVE you and get you into error. I would get you off base, and if you still stayed true, I would try to DISQUALIFY you. I would get you immoral and get you to where no one would believe what came out of your mouth. I would make you a TABLOID, where nobody believed you. I would REMOVE YOUR CONFIDENCE so you were afraid to speak Read More