October 16, 2017

We’re all waiting on God for something. Some of us are waiting for the restoration of a relationship, others for children to return to the faith. Someof us are waiting for test results, others for provision, and we at The Well arewaiting for our future training center. Often when waiting takes longer than we expected, we can become uncomfortable, impatient and even disobedient. Not too long ago I sensed I was headed down this path, so I turned to God’s Word to help me realign my thinking, which is what you should do, too, if you find yourself where I was! God taught me a few things that changed my perspective. First, waiting is always active, not passive because it is interlinked with faith, which is always active. This means the only way to truly wait on God is with God, actively seeking Him. Because waiting is active, it means we must be ready to move when God shows us. We need to be like a sprinter, with his feet positioned in the starting blocks, ready for the whistle. Waiting has more to do with WHAT we do in the waiting and WHAT God is developing in us than the object of what we’re waiting for. We always think we’re waiting for a result, but God is waiting for our transformation. Another startling revelation is that we’ll each spend the majority of our lives waiting on God. As our Father and King, the very essence of our relationship with God is predicated on our need for Him and His leadership in our lives. When one season gives way to another, the waiting doesn’t end. It just transitions into a new season of waiting because God is always doing something new. Therefore, our focus can’t be in how long we wait because that kind of thinking can lead to sin and discouragement.We need to embrace each season and actually exercise our faith while engaged in the waiting process. Prayer is a good place to start exercising our faith, along with renewing our minds by being in the Word. Not only that, but seeking community with other Christians so we can borrow from their faith, which will breathe life into our own. And finally, we must choose to view every situation and season through the lens of God’s Kingdom purposes, praying “Your will be done, on earth – and in me – as it is in heaven.” Then our waiting won’t be in vain, as we let God do a work in us and even through us.

Kris Jensen
The Well Bible Study Ministry

October 4, 2017

You know, if all you had was 2 Peter 1, I think you could figure out exactly how to live your entire Christian life – it’s just that clear. I recently did a focused study on just verse 3, “His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of Him who called us by His own glory and goodness.” God summons us into such an intimateRead More