April 3, 2017

If The Well grows numerically, but the Kingdom of God does not, then we’re failing as a ministry because it means our numerical growth is only due to the Christian shuffle. You know what I mean – Christians simply moving around from one church or Bible study to another. When that Read More

March 27, 2017

Your Christian progression can be divided into two main areas of concentration – learning to follow Christ and learning to make Christ known. Following Jesus involves repentance, baptism, prayer, reading and studying God’s Word, obedience and surrender (translated: just do what He says already!), and Read More

March 20, 2017

Women always have LOTS of questions about The Well ministry and others are just plain confused about us. However, questions and confusion leave too much room for the Enemy to work, so I’d like to answer some things and clear up others, if I may:Read More