October 16, 2019

The Well creates training environments where women can learn to be disciples who can contribute to making disciples, owning their part in advancing the Kingdom. This is perceivable almost immediately when you come through the doors at one of our events. Women all around choose to be intentional. They mill about choosing to be noticers, welcoming and greeting one another because individuals matter. Others exercise hospitality by contributing food to make our time together more enjoyable. Still others lead others in prayer and shepherding so that every woman is seen. Some write, teach and mentor others in the faith so that the whole Body can move towards maturity in Christ. And while this may look like it happens flawlessly, the reality is that for many of the women leading with us, including The Well Staff, discovering our contribution to the Body of Christ and the Kingdom of God can be a little bit messy. Our philosophy is to simply give women an opportunity to try. Sometimes a woman will step into a space where a role fits like a hand in a glove and other times a woman may feel like she is a square peg being tapped into a round hole. Unfortunately, our human tendency is to look at the latter situation as failure rather than the gift that it is. When we let go of what we are not gifted at, we are free to step into what we are gifted and created to do. In reality, discovering what doesn’t energize us opens the door for the real adventure God has for us. So, we have two choices, we can risk trying something new and discovering that we’re not really good at it, but also learn a lot about ourselves in the process, or we can sit on the sidelines, doing what we’ve always done—which keeps us safe, but we can wind up doing nothing we were created to do. But God is calling each one of us to more, not less. In order for the more to happen, you’ve got to take a risk and JUMP IN, DEVELOP as a disciple and CONTRIBUTE to the Kingdom the way God’s designed you to contribute. So, which is it – jump or stay safe?

Kris Jensen
The Well Training Ministry

October 3, 2019

God said GO and Ananias obeyed (Acts 9). Many of us are willing to sacrifice: to give up something we find valuable for the sake of something we regard as more important or worthy at the time. But too few Christians are willing to obey, to actually answer the call, to actually GO like Ananias, even though GOing has been and always will be the mission. Even though GO, is what Jesus commanded. Many of us don’t Read More

September 24, 2019

The Well Training Ministry believes that there are women out there who are asking the question, “Is this really all there is to the Christian life? Did Jesus really die, so that I could go to church, take copious sermon notes, sing four songs to Jesus, volunteer once in a while in the kids’ department, then afterward go to Bob Evan’s for lunch?” We instinctively know something isn’t quite right, but just can’t put our finger Read More