February 25, 2019

Why is the need to establish the culture of the Kingdom of God (KOG) so important? The simple and short answer is that it’s the only culture Jesus was and is now establishing! Kingdom culture is defined by the lifestyle and language of its citizens as they proclaim and submit to the rule and reign of Christ over everything. This lifestyle is focused on surrender TO Christ and making disciples who can contribute to Read More

February 15, 2019

If you’re attending or planning to attend a Well group, then honestly, you need to ask yourself, “Why?” because God hasn’t led you to this ministry to attend a Bible study or group once a week just for the sake of being in a Bible study or group. In case you don’t know this, The Well is a training ministry invested in helping women be disciples who can contribute to making disciples. Now, not everyone who attends our Read More

February 7, 2019

You can’t read the Gospels without noticing just how fed up Jesus was with the organized religion that worship of God had become, and yet Jesus still went to synagogue. FYI – the synagogue system was established about 100 years after the Old Testament canon closed. That means the synagogue, which isn’t mentioned in the Old Testament, was a religious institution that wasn’t God’sRead More