June 18, 2019

Training is one of the components that makes The Well ministry different. We approach training with an understanding that we are part of an army that’s here to advance the Kingdom of Heaven. We know that training saves the lives of soldiers on the battlefield and also changes athletes into world champions. In the same way, training is the difference between whether a Christ-follower will be effective in advancingRead More

June 12, 2019

Where are all the women under 30 in the ranks of Christianity who are living sold out for Jesus??? Where are they in our ministries, including The Well? What are they doing? What are they attracted to? What holds their attention? What are they giving their lives to? Look around you because they’re not here! They’re not running the race with us. We’ve lost so many of them because of their own depravity and the Read More

June 6, 2019

If you’ve been participating in Bible study or have been a part of an accountability or prayer group or Bible reading group, then I hope you’ve grown, that you’ve been challenged and that others around you have noticed your transformation in big and small ways. That’s my hope because unfortunately, it’s generally not the case. Bunches of women attend church and Bible study week in and week out, but Read More