The Well is a spiritual training ministry for women with a two-fold mission: to encourage maturity in the Christian faith through Bible study, prayer and accountability; and to help women develop in ministry and leadership, empowering them to serve in their churches and communities more effectively.
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our beliefs

There is one God in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who made us into one Body by a common Faith in Jesus under one Gospel.

Relationship with the Father is possible only through His Son, Jesus Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ, the only Savior, was born of the Virgin Mary and begotten of the Holy Spirit, and as such is and was fully man and fully God.

The Bible is the inspired Word of God and is the supreme authority for faith and life. It is trustworthy and is not optional, but rather necessary, for spiritual growth and living an effective Christian lifestyle.

Every woman matters and has gifts and talents that must be discovered and used for the greater good and for God's glory in the Kingdom now.

When a woman grows in her walk with God, everyone around her benefits - her husband, her family, her church, her workplace, her neighborhood, her country, and her world.

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about our founder

003Susie’s early years were filled with experiences that shape her and her ministry today. She’s biracial, grew up in two different cultures, divorced parents, siblings from different marriages, and has a multiple-handicapped, quadriplegic sister. Susie has also known sin and its effects through broken relationships, pornography, and molestation as a young girl. She was raised with the knowledge that there was a God, but that knowledge did not impact the choices she made or the direction of her young life.   At the age of 18 Susie joined the Army. After her military training and schooling, she was assigned to a post in Europe. It was there that two of her three life-changing experiences took place: she met her future husband and she committed to following her Savior and Lord Jesus Christ.   Susie has grown spiritually over the years through the investment of those who personally took the time to help her mature as a Christian and also through her involvement with The Navigators and Protestant Women of the Chapel (PWOC). She continues to grow through the third of her life-changing experiences: becoming a mom twice over.   The Well Bible Study Ministry, Inc. is the outgrowth of Susie’s love for Jesus, His Word, and women. Through it she has created an environment where women can not only learn and grow in their personal walk with God, but also train for more effective ministry as they learn and apply the teachings of Jesus. Susie’s belief is that every woman really matters, and if each woman would embrace the whole Gospel, which includes the Kingdom of God, allowing it preeminence in her life, she will see a difference in her marriage, her children, her church, and her world.