April 11, 2018

Christianity is a lifestyle not a habit. But we like our manageable habits, don’t we? We like our church habit, The Well habit, the Christian radio habit, the small group habit, and we may even throw in a few events every now and again, like volunteering once a year at VBS, going on a missions trip or attending a Christian conference or concert. And ALL of these are good except when we think THIS is the Christianity Jesus taught and modeled. Jesus lived, died and rose again to save the world, but He expected His disciples to change it (Pastor George Davis). Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit and expected His Kingdom to be seen in us and multiply through us. God expects spiritual gain through people claiming to know His Son. God’s not interested in spiritual activity in Jesus’ name, but rather spiritual reproduction because the Family Business is discipleship (Mike Treneer), which involves KNOWING the Father, BECOMING like the Son and PARTICIPATING in the work of the Holy Spirit. But this doesn’t happen if all we mostly do is attend church, attend Well Bible studies, attend small groups, attend Christian conferences and concerts, and listen to Christian radio. Our faith has to transcend attending stuff. A way to begin that transcendence is to PRAY BEFORE GOING TO CHURCH, asking the Spirit to help you find someone who desires to know Jesus or to grow in Him. When you’re at church, SIT SOMEWHERE DIFFERENT and START A CONVERSATION with someone around you. Ask her name, how long she’s been attending, if she’s a part of a small group. Share your name, how long you’ve been attending and THEN INVITE HER TO YOUR SMALL GROUP, and PRAY FOR HER that week. At your job, start PRAYING FOR PEOPLE by name. Ask God to show you someone hungry for Him. When you’re out and about, ANTICIPATE SPIRITUAL OPPORTUNITIES – at school, with your server, someone in line, a mom at your kid’s practice, etc. BE COMMUNITY to someone by INVITING her to coffee, lunch or dinner to get to know her story. God is on the move – in your home, at your job, in your church, in the world – so whatever you do, don’t just work your habit when you were left here to change the world!

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry