August 1, 2017

An expectation of discipleship is that we would participate daily in the Kingdom we belong to. But the truth is that most of the time we get so caught up in the everyday rhythm of our lives – bills, chores, work, family, schedules, gym – that we can live disconnected from the mission of Christ. We have our “everyday things” that we do and we have our “spiritual things” like praying, attending church, going to Bible study or even doing the Well-thing when we’re in session. But this kind of thinking puts our living in separate “boxes” that never connect. However, Jesus called us to an intentional lifestyle, not just intentional moments. Living intentionally requires that we notice people and constantly live out of a desire to impact our environments for the Kingdom of God – in the midst of our daily lives. It can seem overwhelming, this tension between the everyday mundane and the spiritual – but it’s where God wants all of life to happen. He wants us to live redemptively – in our homes, in our churches, at our jobs, in our neighborhoods and beyond. Jesus wants us to see and engage the people around us because each one has the potential to know Christ and to follow Him! For me, living redemptively means actually talking to the women in my Zumba class so I can get to know them. It means making the effort to meet my new neighbor and invite her to the Bible study I’m leading. It means being more intentional with the server at my favorite restaurant, hoping for an opportunity to invite her to church. It means praying for God to show me a woman at my church who needs a hug or that I might be able to ask on a “date.” It means taking a meal to a new mom or someone who just had surgery. But it also means fighting for my quiet time and sacrificially loving and serving my husband and family. It’s choosing to live spiritually in the midst of the everyday. The natural BECOMES supernatural when we intentionally live what we believe. I truly hope you’re choosing to live supernaturally – everyday.

Linda Christopher
The Well Bible Study Ministry