August 1, 2019

Ladies, do you realize just how much we need each other? We need teaching and training in how to love others, how to serve others, how to love our husbands, how to be pure, how to identify and use our spiritual gifts, how to forgive, how to be kind, how to love our children, how to be at peace with others, how to be self-controlled, how to consider others above ourselves, how to be busy at home, how to edify the Body of Christ, and how to be (gasp!) submissive to our husbands…and this doesn’t even cover all of it! There’s no way we can learn how to do all.the.things in a 20 minute sermon or from an hour Bible study on Sunday mornings. Most of the time those things are good for learning about the things, but what we also need is training and accountability in how to do the things! There SHOULD be places where women can go to receive this kind of training! This training happens not only in large group and small group contexts but also on life-on-life levels; we can’t just rely on groups to do the training, we need individuals invested in this kind of life, women that can model the Kingdom lifestyle for one another and train each other so that we can love and serve others, love our husbands, be pure, use our spiritual gifts, forgive and be kind, love our children, be at peace with others, be self-controlled, consider others above ourselves, be busy at home, edify the body of Christ and be submissive to our husbands…and actually do the things. Then, we can represent the Kingdom of God in all of those areas. And in case you didn’t know it yet, The Well is one of those places.

Liz Hile
The Well Bible Study Ministry