August 20, 2019

The reality is that most women in our churches are given very limited, if any, opportunities to discover, develop and contribute their God-given abilities to the Kingdom of God. There’s an inherited idea that has relegated the majority of women in our churches to mostly serving in care ministries, helping with the children or singing in the choir, with an expectation that she would also show up and populate all the women’s events. This service is counted as our discipleship and contribution to God’s Kingdom and while it’s good and necessary to serve within these spaces in our churches – let’s be honest – very rarely, if ever, does it result in women developing into disciples who see and invest in the harvest. Unfortunately, the lack of opportunity and training has resulted in the absence of the spiritually older woman who is equipped to teach and train the next generation, and this is killing the overall spiritual effectiveness of our churches! Too many women don’t know how share the Gospel, won’t pray with a stranger, can’t teach the Word of God to other women, don’t know how to live a life of surrender to King Jesus, and ALL because they have NO IDEA what this looks like! The Well is invested in breaking this cycle of non-discipleship one woman at a time. We create environments that allow women to be trained and learn how to meaningfully CONTRIBUTE in their own contexts. God wants women to impact their families, churches, workplaces, schools and community, and He’s made it possible by His Spirit for us to join a work or start a work that impacts others for His Kingdom. Jesus wants YOU to be the example another woman can follow. Training changes everything because who we are and what we reproduce comes out of what we know and have experienced. So, you don’t have to be a spiritual statistic or a pew warmer or a spectator or a consumer. Jesus has already given us women permission to contribute in all the ways He’s designed us to contribute. All we need to do is jump in and start doing things we’ve never done before. And just so you know, The Well can help with that.

Linda Christopher
The Well Training Ministry