March 21, 2018

“The greatest threat to the church is immature faith.” That’s a quote by J.D. Walt from his devotional book (thank you, Mindy Clemons!) on the First Letter of John. Mr. Walt further states that immature faith leads to false teaching, false faith, desecrates community and destroys unity. Word. I would add that immature faith also keeps us from participating in the work of God and contributes to the quenching and grieving of the Holy Spirit in our lives. It breeds hypocrisy and spiritual indifference, has no ability to combat things like sexual immorality or addictions, is impotent when it comes to bringing down our personal idols and likes to justify why we don’t have to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Immature faith is epidemic in our churches. It attends, sings and hears a message, but transformed Gospel living is generally not happening, and what’s so sad is the cure to immature faith is simply maturing faith. But we have to reclaim that word “mature” because biblical maturity ISN’T measured by how long we’ve identified as a Christian, how long we’ve attended church, how many Bible studies we’ve gone to, how many verses we know, how consistent we are with our quiet time, how many books we’ve read, the Christian education we’ve received or knowing all the books of the Bible. Biblical maturity is measured by the life of Christ forming in us and the work of Christ flowing through us. It practices the presence of God through prayer and the Word with the help of the Spirit. Biblical maturity is evidenced by how we love others, how we forgive our enemies and release our resources. It’s committed to advancing of the Kingdom, cultivating unity within the Body of Christ, establishing and equipping brothers and sisters and doesn’t quit on God because life gets hard. If churches were filled with biblically maturing Christians, then immature faith wouldn’t be the greatest threat to the church. Instead, we’d become the greatest threat to the kingdom of darkness. And all that’s necessary to go from being a spiritual deficit to spiritual asset is choosing to mature.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry

March 14, 2018

What a TREMENDOUS day we had together at the Pop Up! A big shout out to Laura Hess, whose idea it was for the Pop Up! We experienced a little taste of what the Kingdom of God is like – a community of differents under the rule of Christ who desire to change the world together for God’s sake. Everything at the Pop Up testified to the fact that God’s at work among us despite the temporary homeless status of Read More

March 5, 2018

Most women in our churches are used to learning environments, not discipleship-centric ones. A learning environment is focused on, well, learning, and even fellowship, too. A discipling one is focused on people actually following after Jesus as disciples, and I don’t mean just following Him to church on Sundays. And speaking of church, my old mentor, Cecil Bean, made an observation that’s worthRead More