January 23, 2018

Culture is the operating system of a community. Every group, fellowship or body has a culture, including our schools, workplaces, churches and The Well. Some things that define culture are: the languagehabitsbeliefs and values. Every Christian church and community should operate as an outpost for the Kingdom of God, and The Well is also such an outpost. As much as possible, we are Read More

January 4, 2018

The church and the world need to see Christian people living out a real faith in a real God in a real broken world. They need to see people who don’t quit when it gets hard. People who get back up when they’re knocked down. People who are never out of the fight. That’s the practical kind of Christianity they must witness people living out. A practical Christian faith requires that we’re constantly doing two main things –Read More

December 21, 2017

How we answer three questions can actually make or break the quality of our Christian life. The three questions are: How do I understand the Gospel? How do I understand Jesus? and How do I understand the Kingdom of God (KOG)? Now, I can tell you from experience that most self-identified Christians would answer those questions something like this: The Gospel is what you need to believe in order to go to Read More