May 17, 2016

We’re getting ready to go on an 11-week break. That’s our norm. Now, there are many who wonder why we do this. Some hate the long breaks because they love the community that is The Well and others love the long breaks, but for all the wrong reasons. For example, they take a break from God, too. They add the “God app” to their lives when we’re in session and delete the God app when we’re not. But regardless, the breaks are important because The Well isRead More

May 9, 2016

So, we’re two weeks out from the close of this current session. But here’s the reality: many women will finish the session the same way they started, maybe even worse. However, there will be some for whom that’s not the case. Some will have grown in Christ. Their Bible study caused a shift in their hearts that resulted in a change in attitude or something shifted in their heads, moving them away fromRead More

May 2, 2016

One of the scariest words in the Bible is apostasy, which can be understood as a slow fade. It basically means to “go in reverse.” That means you could be facing the Cross, but are actually walking backwards away from it. The Bible has lots of warnings and prophecies about apostasy, even though we don’t hear much about it in our pop Christian culture. We hear tons and tons about grace, forgiveness, grace, mercy, grace, Jesus-rescue-me, grace, Jesus-mend-me, grace, Jesus-deliver-me, grace, Jesus-take-me-to-Heaven, grace…but not a whole lot warning against apostasy. That’s truly frightening sinceRead More