March 28, 2018

Good gravy, it’s hard to convince women who claim to be Christian to spend time in the Word of God! Women don’t have any qualms about buying Bibles and having their names embossed on them and we like having that convenient Bible app on our phones. It’s just that we don’t actually read on a regular basis the Bible we buy or download. Now, it’s not that we don’t have any time to read because, um, yeah, Read More

March 21, 2018

“The greatest threat to the church is immature faith.” That’s a quote by J.D. Walt from his devotional book (thank you, Mindy Clemons!) on the First Letter of John. Mr. Walt further states that immature faith leads to false teaching, false faith, desecrates community and destroys unity. Word. I would add that immature faith also keeps us from participating in the work of God and contributes to the quenching and grieving of Read More

March 14, 2018

What a TREMENDOUS day we had together at the Pop Up! A big shout out to Laura Hess, whose idea it was for the Pop Up! We experienced a little taste of what the Kingdom of God is like – a community of differents under the rule of Christ who desire to change the world together for God’s sake. Everything at the Pop Up testified to the fact that God’s at work among us despite the temporary homeless status of Read More