December 19, 2018

Discipleship, according to Jesus, is inherently generational. We are commanded to make disciples by teaching them to obey all He has commanded…including the command to make disciples! The first command, “Come, follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men,” was not, “Come follow Me and I’ll conform you to My image.” Now, don’t misunderstand me, becoming like Christ is absolutely part of God’s plan for our lives. He’s actively working in you and through others to restore His image and that’s very important to Him. But that’s not complete discipleship. Our call is to follow Jesus and fish for people who will follow Jesus and fish for people who will follow Jesus and fish for people. So, if you’ve been sitting in church for a while now and you aren’t actively fishing, pouring into other people and seeking to intentionally impact people for Christ, then your discipleship is actually stalled. OR if you’ve been meeting with a gal for a bit and the only fruit you’re both seeing is in each other, then your discipling of each other is stalled. From Day One with His disciples Jesus was about BOTH restoring the image of God in them AND accomplishing the mission of God through them. So to follow our Master’s model, we make disciples by BOTH holding others accountable to intimacy with the Father and conformation to the image of the Son, AND also to accomplishing the works of the Spirit that God created them to do. When the women you’re discipling are fishers of women, too, then you know you’re doing discipleship! Anything other than that is good fruit and good works, but it’s not the generational discipleship Jesus wants to have through you. So let’s make this a merry time of the year for Jesus Christ too, by doing in His name what He left us here to do.

Liz Hile
The Well Bible Study Ministry