December 21, 2017

How we answer three questions can actually make or break the quality of our Christian life. The three questions are: How do I understand the Gospel? How do I understand Jesus? and How do I understand the Kingdom of God (KOG)? Now, I can tell you from experience that most self-identified Christians would answer those questions something like this: The Gospel is what you need to believe in order to go to Heaven, Jesus is who you need to accept in order to go to Heaven, and the KOG is what you’ll inherit once you go to Heaven. Everything is about a future Heaven with little else being about now. That means we can make just about everything that should pertain to the Christian life optional. Church is optional. Discipleship is optional. The Christian disciplines are optional. Baptism and Communion are optional. The Great Commission and Great Commandment are optional. You get the point. It’s great if we do them, but we’re still A-OK if we don’t because we’ve believed the gospel, accepted Jesus and will get the prize behind Door No. 1, which is Heaven, when we die. BUT what if God had more in mind when He proclaimed the Gospel, sent us Jesus and declared that the KOG had come? What if the Gospel is about the power of God to remake and restore us (Romans 8:29)? What if Jesus is Savior and Lord? That would imply two things – that we follow (emulate Christ) and obey (allegiance to Christ). What if the KOG is about the mission of God in and through us now as His disciples? Honestly, the Christian life makes more sense when I realize Jesus didn’t live, die and rise from the dead so I could go to church once a week if I want to. Jesus came to the earth that I might learn to follow Him while I’m still on it with the promise that if I follow Him here, I will have the privilege of following Him for all eternity. Like I said, how we answer those three questions can make or break the quality of our Christian life.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry