December 5, 2017

“If I was the Devil, let me tell you what I’d do. I would try to DECEIVE you and get you into error. I would get you off base, and if you still stayed true, I would try to DISQUALIFY you. I would get you immoral and get you to where no one would believe what came out of your mouth. I would make you a TABLOID, where nobody believed you. I would REMOVE YOUR CONFIDENCE so you were afraid to speak because your life was in such a shambles. I would get you into SIN. I would prowl like a roaring lion to devour you morally. And if I couldn’t do that, I would try and make you SUCCESSFUL. Yes, I would absolutely try to DISTRACT you if I couldn’t DISQUALIFY you. I would get you BUSY. I would get you so distracted and dis-attracted to the Gospel that your prayers would no longer be about holiness and souls. They would only be about the bottom line in your business or always about your problems. I would get you MATERIALISTIC and no longer concerned about the spiritual nature of life. If I couldn’t do that, I would DIVIDE you. If I couldn’t divide you, I’ve almost lost you, but do you know what I’d do then? I would DISCOURAGE you. And then if I couldn’t discourage you, I would try DEATH. I would try my best to kill you. That’s what I would do to take you out.”
– Tommy Nelson, Denton Bible Church

So let me ask you a question – is the Devil’s strategy winning in your life? Or are you in the fight for your follow-ship of Jesus Christ and your ministry as an intentional influencer for the sake of the Gospel and Kingdom of God? Never forget that either God is winning more and more ground in your life or the Devil is – but it’s never both.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry