February 15, 2019

If you’re attending or planning to attend a Well group, then honestly, you need to ask yourself, “Why?” because God hasn’t led you to this ministry to attend a Bible study or group once a week just for the sake of being in a Bible study or group. In case you don’t know this, The Well is a training ministry invested in helping women be disciples who can contribute to making disciples. Now, not everyone who attends our stuff is choosing to be that or do that, but some are, and our constant prayer and expectation is that more and more women would join the ranks as disciples and disciplers since that’s the point of the Great Commission, which is why we’re still on the earth. And seriously, we need to connect that dot because if Jesus saved us just so we could go to Heaven, then why are we still here after a confession of faith? But I digress. So anyway, asking “why” you’re attending a group is also important because The Well is not a women’s social club or weekly congregation and so we’re not trying to increase our membership. Bible study, Bible reading groups, accountability and prayer groups – these are all part of our preparation to be disciples who can contribute to making disciples. If we go to all the Christian stuff and walk away not actually doing what we’re learning, then something is wrong and we missed the point of it all. So, we TRAIN together in our Bible studies and groups. We pray with and for each other. Women practice articulating their faith by giving devotions, doing a Scripture Spotlight or sharing something from their quiet time. Women learn to lead, teach, mentor, initiate relationships, share the Gospel and tell their God-stories. We do these things together so we can do individually what Jesus left us here to do when we leave our buildings and homes. So, for us it’s about discipleship, NOT membership. All that to say – make sure God’s “why” is your “why” when you join one of our groups because if His why is your why, then you’re being trained up to go change the world.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry