February 25, 2019

Why is the need to establish the culture of the Kingdom of God (KOG) so important? The simple and short answer is that it’s the only culture Jesus was and is now establishing! Kingdom culture is defined by the lifestyle and language of its citizens as they proclaim and submit to the rule and reign of Christ over everything. This lifestyle is focused on surrender TO Christ and making disciples who can contribute to making disciples. Jesus’ life IS the point of everything within Kingdom culture and every time submission to His rule and reign happens – the KOG is advanced and experienced! There’s just one major problem though – establishing this culture is NOT our natural default. The KOG isn’t generally our endgame because our natural default is to maintain the status quo of consumerism, comfort, escapism, politics and Americanism – all cultures we’re so blindly immersed in that we aren’t even aware of how much they define our lifestyle and our Christianity – rather than the KOG. But there is MORE to the Christian life than “receiving” it or maintaining it. We must live as children of God and ambassadors of the KOG by first choosing to be in the fight for complete surrender to the rule and reign of Jesus Christ – daily seeking to abide with Him, become like Him in righteousness and do the work of His Spirit as a co-laborer with Him. Secondly, we choose to live a lifestyle that seeks to impact others – a lifestyle that includes “seeing” the harvest by going, inviting and serving others within our churches and our communities. Thirdly, we choose to engage in making disciples through the hard work of accountability, training and equipping them to GO and make disciples, too. ANYTHING LESS THAN this lifestyle is NOT the culture of the KOG and is just some kind of substitute for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The KOG is the culture of eternity and therefore the only culture that matters! Ladies – we’ve already been given the call and the authority to advance the Kingdom of God in a broken world. So, the question is, are YOU pushing yourself beyond your own comfort to proclaim and establish in others that which Jesus lived and died to advance?

Linda Christopher
The Well Bible Study Ministry