July 17, 2017

If we want to keeping growing in the faith, then there are some Christian disciplines we must diligently and vigilantly fight for throughout our lives, and maybe even more so during our breaks. Things like abiding in God’s Word, prayer, and staying connected to a local body of Christ, just to name a few. But we have to be in the fight for even more than that or even those things can grow stale. A couple years ago, I noticed during one of our Well breaks that I was feeling pretty apathetic and hunger-less, even though I was practicing all those key spiritual disciplines. Reading the Word felt like a checklist item. I was completely uninspired and I couldn’t manufacture anything more than just going through the motions. My prayers were rote and mechanical, and I couldn’t force myself into fervent times of prayer. I went to church but just sang songs and took sermon notes without really connecting with God. Something just seemed to be missing – even though I was engaged in good spiritual activity, I was spiritually unproductive. And then I went on a “date” (The Well’s way of talking about the “go” of the Great Commission). I was sitting down with another gal, hearing her talk about her walk and praying with her, and the dam that isolated me from the genuine Christ-life began to crack, and with each subsequent “date”, the dam was finally demolished. And I learned something. I realized that I needed the challenge, accountability, prayers, passion and faith of others to refuel my own and the importance of turning around and paying those things forward to other women, who just might be languishing in the sea of good spiritual discipline void of good spiritual fellowship. So, if you’re feeling stuck in isolation and apathy like I was, then reach for real community with other women who are following hard after Jesus Christ. You need your sisters in Christ, and they need you. Call or text a gal from your last class or prayer group. Initiate a date with a Weller on Facebook or with someone from your church. Plug into one of the many studies being started in homes and communities all over the Tampa Bay Area. Whatever you do, don’t let your spiritual activity done in isolation keep you from spiritual production which comes alive in community.

Liz Hile
The Well Bible Study Ministry