July 2, 2018

One of things I miss most about the church I grew up in is the “Testimony Service.” During service the floor would be opened for anyone to publicly share a testimony of what God was doing in their life. Though I didn’t fully understand the importance of this practice back then, I was always greatly impacted by people sharing their God story. I think we need continue to impact people in that way, and we need to take it beyond a testimony service! Our testimony is a powerful tool to communicate how God is still sanctifying us for His service and helping us become like Him. It’s the narrative of how the Spirit, who now indwells us, continues to lead, guide, mold and shape us into mature Christians in cooperation with our obedience.  The Bible is replete with the kinds of things our stories should be bearing witness to. So, what’s your God story and when was the last time you shared it with someone? Does your testimony always conclude with the day you were confirmed or converted? I hope not because we need to share, not just how we started in Christ, but how we are continuing. Women need to hear what God is doing right now as you engage with Him in the Word and prayer, continually surrendering to His rule and reign, and sacrificially learning to love Him and people. They need to hear how you are currently living from a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline given to you by Christ and how Jesus is helping you to receive and believe that you are complete in Him. They need to hear how God is working in you to help you do the things He wants you to do and how being a new creation in Christ defines who you are and governs the choices you make. They need to hear how you’re a slave to righteousness, not your circumstances, addictions, or emotions. Ladies, we have a story to tell! Ask God for an opportunity to share your God story, then LOOK for that opportunity or create one by asking someone to coffee or over for dinner! Ok Ladies, if the challenge is accepted then the TESTIMONY SERVICE IS NOW OPEN!

Laura Hess
The Well Bible Study Ministry