June 12, 2019

Where are all the women under 30 in the ranks of Christianity who are living sold out for Jesus??? Where are they in our ministries, including The Well? What are they doing? What are they attracted to? What holds their attention? What are they giving their lives to? Look around you because they’re not here! They’re not running the race with us. We’ve lost so many of them because of their own depravity and the rest because of our hypocrisy. They’re unimpressed by the duplicity they see in so many who claim to be Christian – saying one thing and living another. They’re sick of the weekly show that passes for Christianity at church. They’re tired of the Christian jargon and slogans that don’t provide any real answers to real problems. And they’re done with being overlooked, undervalued, unheard, unused, unappreciated and un-discipled. They want more from life and Christianity than sitting in classes, playing in the band, serving in the nursery or helping with VBS once a year. And God help the few who do remain in our ranks! They’re the next generation of Christians, but they don’t know anything about Christianity or how to reach the generation around them! AND WE CAN BE THE DIFFERENCE they need, but that requires that we get off our pews and chairs and see beyond our own families and jobs and start investing in them by teaching them, training them, modeling the faith for them, challenging them, and encouraging them. Listen to me! Christian teenagers are blowing up. Young adult women are blowing up. Young married women are blowing up. Young moms are blowing up. They need more than podcasts, sermons, Bible studies and Christian radio. THEY NEED US. They need the teaching of Christ to be in us – in our lives, on our lips, in our prayers, informing our decisions. They need us discipling them. So, open your eyes and if everyone around you is your age, you’ve got a problem, woman. We’re in the midst of an exodus and it’s not God calling this generation out of the churches, it’s the Evil One. Stop watching it happen. DO SOMETHING. We have an opportunity here to be part of the solution in this generation of women. God help every one of us to be just that – part of the solution.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry