June 13, 2017

So, just to eliminate any confusion – The Well isn’t going away. We haven’t dissolved. We are NOT done, NOT finito, adios or nada. We’re simply on an extended break, awaiting what we know will be a supernatural move of God on our behalf regarding our future location as a Bible study and training ministry. We have been a guest ministry on the campus of First Baptist Church of Lutz (FBCL) for 12 years. We are NOT leaving that campus because we are being run off. Nothing has gone wrong, broken down in our relationship with the church or requires reconciliation. The Spirit of the Living God has simply nudged us out of the safety and security of our little boat and has asked us to trust Him for the “more” that is to come – that is, what the next 12 years will look like. Wherever we wind up and however it will be achieved is beyond our own ability to make happen, pure and simple. We have the means to stay on the campus of FBCL, but not to buy or lease the square footage we need elsewhere. Moving forward will require obedience to the Holy Spirit from anyone and everyone He is calling to participate in this faith step. In the meantime, NOTHING changes for us. We are still having OTUAW in just a few weeks. We are still taking the summer and fall off to prepare for what is to come. We are still having Bible studies, only they are being hosted in numerous homes and in the community. We are still making plans for 2018 (should Jesus tarry!), which include the RENOVATED conference (yay!). And we are still praying, mentoring, discipling and training together. So, we are surging, ladies – not slumping, and we know that Jesus Christ will continue to “add to our fellowship/community those who are being saved” during this time of transition. God is on the move, ladies! Do you feel it? Yeah, there’s nothing confusing about that!

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry