June 18, 2019

Training is one of the components that makes The Well ministry different. We approach training with an understanding that we are part of an army that’s here to advance the Kingdom of Heaven. We know that training saves the lives of soldiers on the battlefield and also changes athletes into world champions. In the same way, training is the difference between whether a Christ-follower will be effective in advancing the objectives of the Kingdom of God or NOT – which is to GO and make disciples who can also teach and train more disciples (Matthew 28:18-20). By definition, training is the intent to cause someone to “acquire knowledge and skillful application for the sole purpose of a specific end in view.” That’s a fancy way of saying that training intentionally helps someone acquire a LIFESTYLE that has a specific intent and purpose! This is why The Well is committed to cultivating a training culture. We want to intentionally train women to acquire a lifestyle that reflects the message of Jesus Christ, to be Gospel-speaking, disciple-making, KOG warriors who know the message, live it and can pass it on to others! But NONE of that comes naturally. It’s seriously very hard stuff – and it takes the example of others running with us to actually keep at it! For many of us, training to advance these objectives is a new concept and some of you have no idea what we’re even talking about! This is why training is so very important and that we do this over and over again. Are you being trained to make an impact and advance the Kingdom? If not, do you want to be? Then maybe you should attend OTUAW, which is a training on discipleship. Are you committed to training, in order to stay sharp, skilled and on task? Because here’s the thing -none of us are ever “one and done” in God’s economy and at the end of our lives, we will never be sorry for the time or money spent training to do what Jesus called us to do, which is to advance God’s Kingdom against the darkness in another woman’s life!

Linda Christopher
The Well Bible Study Ministry