June 6, 2017

One of the things I believe western Christians struggle with the most is our independence. This American value can unknowingly lead us away from dependence on God and interdependence on the Body of Christ, which ultimately isolates us. Satan studies mankind and knows our weaknesses, often better than many of us do. He’ll take advantage of new routines to distract us and make us too busy to stop and have that sweet quiet time with God we fought so hard to develop. In the absence of meeting weekly as we’ve been accustomed to as The Well, Satan will offer us the trades of comfort and pleasure rather than investing in eternal things and people the way we did when we were in session. However, if we allow ourselves to isolate, we are more easily tempted to go back to the sin and habits from which we had previously experienced freedom. We have to beware of the self-reliance that is encouraged by the father of lies which says, “I’ve got this,” or “I’ll get back to it tomorrow.” Another ploy of the evil one is to get you to ignore the prompting of God to do something, reach out to someone or lead something, but you don’t really want to, so you make excuses. Trust me, I get it! With every session that ends I still fight against my flesh, the lies and the temptations that comes with “being on break.” So if what I’ve said so far describes you, listen up! Get up earlier tomorrow or turn off the computer or television NOW and go spend some time your King through His Word and prayer. It may feel dry at first, but trust me – just do it. Sometimes my prayer is, “God, just help me to want to.” Call someone and get coffee with them and choose to be transparent about how you’re really doing and ask them to pray with you. Darkness only holds power over us if it is allowed to stay in the darkness. If you were planning on coming to Game Night this Friday night, good! Don’t let anything stand in your way. If you weren’t planning on it, there is still time and space available, and you won’t be sorry you joined in. Additionally, there are a lot of women hosting Bible studies, prayer and accountability groups starting in the next week or two. Step out and meet some new sisters who can walk with you spiritually. Don’t choose independence and isolation in the midst of all of this opportunity. You have a choice. Choose God. Choose community. Choose growth. But whatever you do, DON’T choose to spiritually wither or shrivel up because then the father of lies actually wins.

Kris Jensen
The Well Bible Study Ministry