March 7, 2019

One of the hallmarks of Kingdom living is community because everything about God is communal. The problem is that we really don’t understand what this life in community is supposed to look like. The western ideologies of rugged independence and consumerism really work against what Jesus is trying to do on the earth. We underestimate the fact that we were designed by our Creator to live life together. Because of the culture around us, Church has become an event on our calendar rather than a community we participate in and contribute to. Often, we focus on what to do when we are together rather than focusing on being with Jesus – together. However, when we are with Jesus, together, the supernatural happens. When Jesus’ community began, the dead were coming alive, the sick were healed and the hungry were fed both physically and spiritually. People were consistently and progressively transformed because they were with Him – together. Men and women surrendered their wealth, abilities and time to help bring the Kingdom Jesus taught about to earth. Mercy, grace and forgiveness were freely given to each other as Christ had given those to them. It was a diverse community of young, old, rich poor, male, female, Jew and Gentile who desired time with Jesus and each other. Lastly, the community was marked by authentic and constant prayer. THAT’S the kind of Church Christ inaugurated! Whether in a building, a hut or a house, a community of Christ is marked by who they are becoming, how they love and the way they contribute to each other for the sake of the Kingdom. The mark was NOT doctrinal statements or methods. So, FYI – you have opportunity this Saturday night to be in community for Game Night. If you’re not coming, and you could, I want to encourage you to prayerfully reconsider. There are conversations for you to contribute to and relationships to be developed, and plus, we will have good, clean fun – together. If you haven’t been to church lately, then go. If you’re not plugged into a Bible study, then do it. Being the Church is not about you, or me, it’s about us – together, with Jesus. Make sure you’re a part of that, okay?

Kris Jensen
The Well Bible Study Ministry