May 29, 2019

Have you ever felt like you don’t know enough to be a spiritual parent? Have you thought raising baby Christians to maturity should be left to pastors and other more qualified Christians? When I had my first biological child it seemed strange that I was going to bring my baby home and take on the responsibility for his care, because I had no clue how to raise a baby. Had my parents offered to take him home from the hospital and raise him, I might have said yes! My parents, after all, had time in grade raising kids and I did not. Of course, this line of thinking doesn’t make sense in reality. Although the generation before always has more experience parenting, the growth of the actual parents would be stunted if responsibilities were handed over to the qualified. Grandparents would be over-run with babies and toddlers if all the parents passed off their kids! This is true of spiritual parenting as well. Our church leaders are overrun because too many of us, who should be functioning as parents to the people around us, are passing all the spiritual babies and toddlers on to them OR we’re outright abandoning our responsibility. In the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) Jesus commands us, the Church, to go and make disciples. We are born spiritually not to just receive and consume ministry but to reproduce disciples of Christ. Jesus’ command is not to go and bring people to a building to be discipled by “professionals.” Dawson Trotman, the founder of the Navigators, said, “Activity is no substitute for production, and production is no substitute for reproduction.” That’s an important statement because we can wind up doing a lot of things and produce literally nothing OR we can wind up producing something that Jesus never asked for. If you are a Christian, you were born again with the ability to make disciples. So, if your Christ-life is not making disciples, even if you’re doing a bunch of other good things, you are missing the mark. You need to assume your responsibility and start contributing to the care of the spiritual daughters all around you! As you do, you will not just be active or productive, but instead, reproductive, raising up the next generation, which is what God expects us to do anyway.

Ashley Young
The Well Bible Study Ministry