May 8, 2019

At The Well there is an expectation that a woman will come in and receive something and then GO out and give something. But many women, including myself, out of fear, disobedience or discomfort, choose to run away from their call and settle for something else. For me I chose to run away from Spanish ministry. Three years ago, while attending a conference in Atlanta, God spoke very clearly to me. He asked me how I was using the Spanish I knew for the Kingdom of God. I read, write, speak and understand Spanish, yet I had justified to myself, and tried to justify to God, that all of the other good things I was doing were enough. The cost of obedience seemed too high. So, without even consciously knowing it, I followed the Jonah plan for  responding to the call of God. I was disobedient for a season and learned some hard lessons. If you can relate to that statement, then you know that it’s not always easy to follow and obey God, but you also know how much better it is to suffer for the sake of obedience than to suffer the consequences of disobedience because our disobedience doesn’t just impact us – it impacts others around us. God’s call and mission are not just about you, they are about the people attached to your obedience. God’s harvest is initiated and seeded through obedience. I have also learned that once you decide to finally take that first step of obedience, expect that Satan will come attacking. As soon as I began pursuing the call on my life for Spanish ministry, Satan didn’t waste any time. But the Lord promises in 1 Corinthians 10:13 that “…when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.” The temptation may come to quit or run away from God’s call, but I want to encourage you: God has equipped you with everything you need to complete the work He has designed and destined you to specifically accomplish. I am a woman who came in and received something and am now going out and giving something. What have you received? What has God already deposited into you that He should be getting a return on? Then GO out and give something!

Jennelle Sherman
The Well Bible Study Ministry