October 3, 2019

God said GO and Ananias obeyed (Acts 9). Many of us are willing to sacrifice: to give up something we find valuable for the sake of something we regard as more important or worthy at the time. But too few Christians are willing to obey, to actually answer the call, to actually GO like Ananias, even though GOing has been and always will be the mission. Even though GO, is what Jesus commanded. Many of us don’t GO because by definition, obedience requires that we submit to the authority of someone. So, obedience requires submitting our will to the authority of Christ. This often requires that things get uncomfortable. If you read Acts Chapter 9 you will see that at first Ananias protests a bit (I’m being hunted, God, and you are asking me to go and visit the hunter?). But the Lord reassures Him. This is not a plot to get Ananias killed. It is an invitation to participate in God’s work. Despite his legitimate fear, Ananias obeyed. He submitted himself and his very life to God’s call. And because of his obedience, he witnessed not only a physical miracle in the healing of Saul’s eyesight but the spiritual miracle in Saul rising to his feet and asking to be baptized. What? The persecutor of Christians wants to become a Christian? Not only did he become a Christian, but he became a living testament to what it means to be forever transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t know about you, but I, like Ananias, want to continue to be an eye witness to the miraculous. This requires that we analyze the areas of our personal life where God is confronting disobedience and inviting us into the sweetness of trusting him in the tension of discomfort. Don’t miss out on taking part in God’s world-changing plan because it’s uncomfortable. Maintaining a comfortable, personal relationship between you and Jesus was not the mission. GO and make disciples has and always will be the mission. God is asking us to GO in our churches, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, sports fields, supermarkets, and coffee shops. God said GO, Ananias obeyed. Jesus said GO, will you obey?

Jennelle Sherman
The Well Training Ministry