September 12, 2019

If you’re BORED with your Christian life, then I can promise you – you aren’t living the version of Christianity found on the pages of the Bible. If you’re FRUITLESS in your Christian walk, then I can promise you – you aren’t following the historical Jesus who lived and died and resurrected from the dead. Maybe you’re singing to some boy-band version of Jesus, but there’s no way you could be following the real Jesus. If you’re COMPROMISED in your Christian life – then whatever Jesus is to you, He is NOT Lord. You simply can’t defend a bored, fruitless, compromised “Christian” life – at least not from Scripture. Following Jesus doesn’t lead to those things – like, ever. What I find in Scripture is the polar opposite in the lives of people genuinely in pursuit of God. I see abundance and stretching and the miraculous, but not spiritual boredom. I see impact, influence and change – both in them and in the people around them. I see the character and nature of Christ forming in them. I see the mission of Christ coursing through their lives. I see courage, strength, power, the Gospel of the Kingdom, the culture of Heaven, the fear of the Lord, prayer, the Word, impact – oh yeah, I said that already. All those things and more – but not fruitlessness. I see holiness, a pulling away from the lusts of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life. I see people who no longer care about their bank accounts, their reputations, their credentials or who need to be accepted by people still wedded to Hell. I see people willing to be wronged, imprisoned, beaten, tortured, ruined and put to death. But I don’t see compromise. I see a version of Christianity that I want so badly to live. I see people following a God I so badly want to see one day. I see life in them. Real life. Not all the fake stuff. I see true family, true community, true love, true discipleship, true faith, and true living. Oh God, in Jesus’ Name, HELP US LIVE THAT. Help us be done with our love of all our forms of godliness that have no power, which we so wrongly and arrogantly call “Christianity.” Amen.

Susie Walther
The Well Training Ministry