September 24, 2019

The Well Training Ministry believes that there are women out there who are asking the question, “Is this really all there is to the Christian life? Did Jesus really die, so that I could go to church, take copious sermon notes, sing four songs to Jesus, volunteer once in a while in the kids’ department, then afterward go to Bob Evan’s for lunch?” We instinctively know something isn’t quite right, but just can’t put our finger on what it is. We want more than the cultural Christianity we’ve been living, but we don’t know what “the more” is or even how to find it. Some of us have grown disillusioned and discontent with maintaining the Christian status quo because it just seems empty and pointless. The good news is there is MORE and it’s what Jesus called the Kingdom of God. “Kingdom” defined is the rule and reign of Jesus Christ. For three and a half years all Jesus talked about during His earthly ministry was the Kingdom of God – how to enter it and what its culture was. So how do we experience “the more” that is God’s Kingdom? Discipleship! Discipleship is the means by which God intended the Kingdom of God to be experienced and advanced. Now, I’m not talking about the version of discipleship where you attend a class about what it means to be a disciple and then you’re good to go. I am talking about life-on-life, Jesus-centric, Kingdom-oriented, Gospel-driven discipleship, you know – the stuff you see in the Bible. The “more” we want can only be gained through a close, intimate walk with Jesus Christ and His people. It can only be experienced when we surrender and allow the culture of His Kingdom to be expressed through our lives, which transforms both us and others. You’ve heard us say that The Well is a training and discipleship ministry. That means we are committed to helping you understand and experience the Kingdom of God because we want to send you back to your church able to impact that woman who’s sitting there listening to a sermon, taking notes, wondering… “Is there more to Christianity than this?”

Kris Jensen
The Well Training Ministry