September 5, 2017

The fact that many of you are out there doing the ministry of discipleship – “dating,” inviting, sharing your testimony, the Gospel and the Gospel’s truths, leading studies, serving, giving – means that you are owning the call of Christ for your life to be disciples who can make disciples. You can only do this kind of ministry and have an eternal impact if Christ is in you, and you are allowing His Spirit to guide you and His Word to teach you. If that is your spiritual reality, then nothing can stop you either. When we follow Christ, He leads us into His lifestyle and into a world and church that need His truth. God has already given us all authority to go do what He said to do, which is go and make disciples. He has already given us His divine power, so we can go and make disciples. Jesus has already given us “everything necessary for life and godliness,” so we can do what He’s left us on the earth to do. We don’t need a program in place before we can do anything. We don’t need an event that someone has put together before we can engage. We don’t need our pastor’s permission to do what Jesus Christ already gave us authority, power and the right to go and do. We just need to do it. We need to jump out of the boat. We need to step out of our comfortable spaces and stop making excuses with our children, jobs and personality type. We need to take advantage of the opportunities God places before us and draws us into. We need to stop shushing that still small voice of God within our minds and just act upon what the Spirit says to do. We belong to God. We are citizens of His Kingdom. He’s given us a job to do – in a building or without one. Many of us are heeding the call to go – but not all. If all of us embrace the call and enlist for the front lines of ministry, ladies, we’ll take this city back one life at a time. So, seriously – let’s go do this.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry