The Well offers several in-house trainings as part of its training and discipleship-centric culture:

Prayer Group Leader and Coaches Training
Overview of Well ministry, implications of spiritual leadership, prayer group philosophy and strategy. Offered twice a year.

Teacher Training
Teacher development, how to export the Kingdom of God and spiritual disciplines using any Bible study platform. Offered twice a year.

Mentor Training
6-part, discipler development with an emphasis on reproduction. Offered once a year.



The Well offers several conferences:


Reclaiming the Gospel: Putting the Missing Pieces Back Into Our Lives and Message
Teaching and applications on the Gospel and Great Commission. One day conference.





Operation Train Up a Woman: Breaking the Cycle of Non-discipleship
Teaching and workshops on the call and need for discipleship among women and the problems discipleship faces in our current church culture. Two day conference.




Renovated: A Wife According to God’s Design
Teaching and workshops on marriage as part of a wife’s discipleship and the ministry of a wife to her husband (formally known as Extreme Wife Makeover). Three day conference.