June 13, 2018

I’m so tired of so many of us playing church and Bible study. I’m tired of Christianity being boiled down to a worship service and some volunteer stuff. I’m sick of how invested we are in acting like we have it “all together” and of how afraid we are to be real. I’m tired of all the effort we put into protecting and not offending people inside our Christian communities who are living in rebellion to God. We’re playing our nice Christian women game while, for crying out loud, women are coming into our groups and studies with addictions to alcohol, weed, street drugs and porn. There are women who chose abortion and suffer in regret. There are women who were sexually and physically abused as children. There are women devastated by their husband’s adultery and other women who have been the devastator by their own adultery. There are single women sexually involved with men or women who need to knock it off. There are mothers deeply grieving over children who’ve walked away from home and God (I am one of those moms!). There are women struggling with health, struggling with depression, struggling with finances, struggling to find work or struggling to keep a job. There are women with mental and emotional issues. There are women poisoned by their own bitterness and unforgiveness. There are women in the battle for their weight and others in the battle for their mouths. But we can’t be part of the solution if we’re playing Christian, playing church or playing Bible study! If we’re making excuses for our own spiritual laziness and lack of real devotion to God and His community, then we’re part of the problem. If we’re living in cheap grace and calling that Christianity, then we’re part of the problem, and that ain’t good because Jesus lived, died and rose again to save the world, and He expects us to change it. You can only do that if you’re living out the Kingdom as a follower of Jesus Christ committed to His mission to be disciples who can contribute to making disciples. However, to be clear – we can’t change the world or church playing church or playing Bible study.

Susie Walther
The Well Bible Study Ministry

June 6, 2018

Loving People IS ALWAYS worth the cost. It’s messy and painful, but the obedience of surrendering to “love others” never returns void. It can’t – because God never returns Himself void. Biblical Love – the only true love – is God manifesting Himself in us so that His love and His presence are experienced here on earth through us! 1 John 3:16 tells us that “this is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down 

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May 23, 2018

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to sit with 45 ladies in a Leadership Training for women who would be leading Bible studies or small groups in their homes, communities and churches this summer or fall. Big numbers are exciting, and while they do tell us some things, they don’t tell us everything. When I look back at the other leadership trainings of comparable size, I notice that only a percentage of those who Read More