September 12, 2019

If you’re BORED with your Christian life, then I can promise you – you aren’t living the version of Christianity found on the pages of the Bible. If you’re FRUITLESS in your Christian walk, then I can promise you – you aren’t following the historical Jesus who lived and died and resurrected from the dead. Maybe you’re singing to some boy-band version of Jesus, but there’s no way you could be following theRead More

August 20, 2019

The reality is that most women in our churches are given very limited, if any, opportunities to discover, develop and contribute their God-given abilities to the Kingdom of God. There’s an inherited idea that has relegated the majority of women in our churches to mostly serving in care ministries, helping with the children or singing in the choir, with an expectation that she would also show up and populate all theRead More

August 8, 2019

Will I be rejected? I’m convinced this question goes through the minds of most women on a regular basis. We fear rejection from parents, spouses, friends, bosses and even our church families. Unfortunately, this fear can stop potential spiritual leaders from ever trying and potential relationships from ever forming. If we fear rejection, we won’t initiate a simple “hello” to a new woman sitting by herself at church or ask the Read More