December 12, 2018

GRACE! God’s…Resources…At…Christ’s…Expense… Do we believe that? God’s grace actually grounds and empowers  everything in the Christian life. It enables us to become who He created us to be and to accomplish what He has called us to do. By grace we receive our new identity, our ability to walk in holiness, our strength for day-to-day living, our standing in Christ that puts us in right relationship withRead More

November 28, 2018

Seriously, why do we struggle so much as believers in Christ to actually spend time in the Word of God? The Bible teaches that we’re on a spiritual battlefield and that it’s our sword for survival and victory. There’s not one of us who would go into an actual physical battle without a weapon, so why do we choose to limp through life, day after day, without our spiritual sword firmly gripped in our hand? We treat theRead More

October 31, 2018

Who is your Christian life all about? If you’re going to church or Bible study, reading your Bible, praying, tithing, worshipping, whatever – for YOU or solely so that you can be the best version of yourself, or for peace, wholeness, healing, joy, knowledge, etc., you’re missing a huge piece of the puzzle! The call is to be Christ-like, and to be Christ-like is to be others-focused. The defining attitude of Jesus and His people Read More