October 10, 2016

Women sense that The Well is a different kind of women’s ministry, even if they can’t really put their finger on what actually makes it different. Some think it’s the hugs they get when they come through the doors. Others think it’s because we are “more friendly” or less “cliquish” than other women’s groups. Some feel the difference is our weekly devotions and are shocked that we give opportunity like this to women coming through the doors. Others believe the magic is in the way we approach our Bible studies. Actually, all of these and more makeRead More

October 4, 2016

A long, long time ago, Jesus intentionally made His way to a certain well and chose to spend some time with a certain woman – broken, compromised and religious. Jesus lingered with her at this well and she lingered with Jesus. He engaged her in conversation, even though it was very uncomfortable for her at points. However, this same woman became convinced she was having an encounter with the promised Messiah through Israel. So, she left that well and went back toRead More

September 27, 2016

If The Well was a human work it would be a complete fail. Human effort can only do a human work, not a spiritual one. Only the Spirit of God can do a redemptive work, and I see with my very own eyes the spiritually redemptive work of God amongst us. God is doing a work in thousands upon thousands of ministries in thousands upon thousands of places and spaces across the earth. The Well isn’t the only place where God is at work, but we are one of those places. God has given us aRead More