September 27, 2016

If The Well was a human work it would be a complete fail. Human effort can only do a human work, not a spiritual one. Only the Spirit of God can do a redemptive work, and I see with my very own eyes the spiritually redemptive work of God amongst us. God is doing a work in thousands upon thousands of ministries in thousands upon thousands of places and spaces across the earth. The Well isn’t the only place where God is at work, but we are one of those places. God has given us aRead More

September 12, 2016

The Well is… Community. Fellowship. Partnership. Accountability. Support. Challenge. Encouragement. Strength. Authenticity. Sisterhood. Joy. A Body of Christ. Part of the universal Church. Diversity. Unity. Charity. More Joy. Not perfect. Not mistake-free. Not fake. No fluff zone. Willing to take risks. Bound to fall short. Learning forgiveness. Learning to be peacemakers. Learning to get up when knocked down. Again – Joy. Willing to fail tryingRead More

September 5, 2016

If you continue attending Bible study and church week in and week out and things don’t shift in your mind regarding Jesus, His Kingdom and your calling within it, then you’re missing the point and probably wasting your time. We’re all going to stand before the Father one day, and I promise you, we’re not going to get any cool points for just attending church and singing songs to Him, and we’re not going to be able to tell Jesus that weRead More