April 25, 2016

There have always been “walls” that divide us as people. We seem to love our little Babel builds that make us feel secure, but also keep us separate. The Apostle Paul said Jesus came to break down our “walls” by His death and resurrection, which allow everyone who truly believes entrance into something Jesus called the Kingdom of God. This Kingdom transcends age, ethnicity, culture, religion and tradition, but we all know the history. It didn’t take much time before peopleRead More

April 18, 2016

I know women experience, well, to use a military bombing term – “shock and awe” – when they come through the doors. They just don’t expect to hear what they hear. There are things talked about through the devotions and transparency within the prayer groups they’re simply not used to hearing in a Christian women’s group. Some women are stunned in the Bible studies and others are still reeling from conferences like Reclaiming the Gospel. Sometimes women think we’ve gone and made the Gospel and Christian life way too hard andRead More

April 11, 2016

Something I’m asked all the time by women is – “Is there a Well for men?” Something else I’m asked all the time after one of our trainings or a conferences is – “Can my husband attend next time?” or “Would you open this up to men because they need to hear it too?” The snag with all that, however, is this – The Well is a women’s ministry. Now, something you may not realize is The Well is called The Well for a reason, andRead More