January 27, 2016

Even though we’re fixin’ to have A LOT (and there’s a reason that’s in capital letters) of women walk through our doors at Kick Off (woo-hoo!) and throughout the session, the point of this ministry isn’t to get as many women as we can into a small space and then call ourselves a success. The point is to help you know how to live your faith and do the Great Commission on your own – in the building, in your church, at your school or office, and as you move about the Tampa Bay area. The beauty of Jesus’ commission is that you don’t need

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January 21, 2016

We’re not going to use you to run a ministry. We aren’t going to put a bunch of things in place and then plug you into our “machine” to keep it running according to our own agenda. What we’re going to do is put opportunity before you, so that you can participate in the edification of souls and the advancement of God’s Kingdom in concert with others laboring toward that end within the scope of this ministry. Some opportunities at The Well includeRead More

January 12, 2016

God made some of you double introverts. Some He called to be home school moms. Some He has sent into the workplace. Some are in college. Some are single, single again, grandmas and widows. Some have lots of money. Some have very little. Some are highly educated and others don’t have all that documentation. Some were raised in church and others are still looking for one. Some of you had great upbringings. Some were raised in complete dysfunction. But to ALL of us – regardless – He has given the Great Commission. To ALL of us – regardless – He has commanded –

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