August 8, 2018

Ladies, did you know that Africa and Asia or any other continent or country aren’t the only mission fields out there? Yes, Jesus called us to be His witnesses to all nations and to the uttermost parts of the world, and He also commanded us to advance His Kingdom in our own backyards! That means our own American church is also one of our mission fields! I know sometimes we get frustrated with church, Read More

August 1, 2018

A cult, cult leader, legalist, radical, militant, over-the-top, works-based salvation, fanatic, and my favorite – coven leader. You name it – myself and The Well have been accused of it all. Why? Because we declare and teach that Jesus is Lord, which means we need to actually follow Him. Who knew such teaching would be so heretical TO PEOPLE IDENTIFYING AS CHRISTIANS. God help us! And though it hurts to Read More

July 25, 2018

We are living our spiritual lives on a battlefield and we are either warriors in the fight to advance the Kingdom of Light or we are contributing to the darkness around us. We have been given authority to impact this world but the thing is, for most of us we have no idea how to use the arsenal of weapons that are available to us. We’ve not spent enough time intentionally training and sharpening our skills in order Read More