welcome to the well!

The Well is an interdenominational women’s Bible study ministry that provides a unique training environment where women learn and grow in their personal walk with God through Bible study and mentoring. The Well provides women opportunity to develop leadership skills and train for more effective ministry as they learn and apply principles extracted from Jesus’ way of living.

We are an independent, non-profit organization comprised of a large number of women from numerous local churches of various denominations participating in its Bible studies and trainings. We believe every woman matters, and if each woman would embrace the whole Gospel, allowing it preeminence in her life, she will see a difference in her marriage, her children, her church, and her world.


If someone were to assess what comes out of your daily life, would they be able to emulate what it actually LOOKS like to follow Christ? BOOM – I read that question a few weeks ago and it’s been like a weight on my heart. Would anyone know what life in Christ is like by how I talk to my husband, my children or just in general? Would someone pick up that spending time in the Bible is important or be convicted to memorize Scripture by…Read More